Introducing Dubsado Toolkits

Designed by a Certified Dubsado Specialist

Once you receive your Toolkit and start implementing it, you can create a seamless client experience within a week!

Step-By-Step Guides

That take the guesswork out of automating your client onboarding process and retention in Dubsado, no matter what your business model is.

  • A pre-designed and customizable roadmap of every touchpoint in your client onboarding process so you know exactly what your onboarding process should include and you're able to customize this as well.

  • Done-For-You Forms so that you don't spend time creating everything from scratch. Most Toolkits include one-click templates for Applications/Interest & Contact forms, Intake Questionnaires, Check-In Forms, Testimonial Requests, and Exit/Off-boarding Forms.

  • Ditch the overwhelm of manual onboarding & offboarding, manual client retention, manual check-in's and feedback, and use a system that accelerates your client's retention journey by warming them up to your next program.

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After implementing this in my client's business', they've been able to experience:

  • Increased Income

    High-level client experience that my clients charge more for - this is how you create a $10K offer WORTH $10K

  • One-Click Enrollment

    A replicable, seamless, and automated enrollment for each of the offers in their product suite using my One-Click-Method in Dubsado

  • Repeating Revenue

    A retention and referral system to reduce having to always look for "new leads"

  • Launch Confidence

    Sense of ease and confidence knowing they can close 15 clients in one day and their business won't burn to the ground

  • Time Banking

    More time to focus on money-making activities in their business while their backend enrolls for them

  • Efficient Teams

    Use team members, like their VA or co-coach, more effectively so they're maximizing their time and efforts. No more paying someone for what tech can handle.

Don't take my word for it!

Feedback on the approach & strategies you'll get inside of the Toolkits.

“Seeing the workflows in process made me realize just how much I was doing to deliver the bare minimum -- sending out contracts, an invoice, and a welcome email -- with multiple manual reminders throughout. Now, I can do less to deliver more. Doing the work upfront with Sabrina to put systems + workflows in place means I can dedicate more time to clients AND my own personal life.”

Barb - The Non-Diet Trainer

“Removing myself from most of the inquiry, booking + onboarding portions of my process has removed a major bottleneck in my business. I love knowing that I'm providing consistent points of contact and responding to clients in a timely manner. And on the backend, it's been so helpful to view the status of each project as it progresses. It's taken a tremendous load off my mind!”

Dr. Michaela Bucchianeri

“the best decision I've made at this point in my business. I considered investing in more business coaching, but I realized what I really needed was better systems. My program was doing well, however, I didn't realize how much time and effort I was wasting by doing a lot of manual work to onboard my clients. I also had a lot of ideas to enhance my client experience that I never implemented because of the brainpower it would take to set it up. Working with Sabrina, and using Dubsado has helped me implement some of my ideas with ease, and no extra time and energy were spent on my end!”

Rhonda Chamberlain

“This is hands down the best investment I have made in my business. Two years into owning my online training business I realized what I needed was automated systems to free up my time (and brain!) so that I can focus on tasks that truly matter to me - coaching my clients. Sabrina is so detailed, thoughtful, and skilled in her approach. If you're on the fence, just do it! You absolutely will not regret it.”

Haley Saldivar

“My one big WIN is feeling confident I know how to properly set things up in Dubsado and how to test, cause that in and of itself is not straightforward. I expected a Dubsado expert but what I actually got was a Dubsado expert + a business analyst. The templates were a very welcomed bonus for those of us that are design challenged.”

Olivia Guitierrez

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  • When will the toolkit be ready for me to use?

    The course content will drop two weeks after your purchase. You will be notified via email when your toolkit is available!

  • Can my VA use the Toolkits on my behalf?

    DEFINITELY! If you're VA is working inside of your Dubsado, you should absolutely have a Toolkit. While you're VA may know her way around the platform, she is not a Certified Dubsado Specialist. These toolkits were designed by a Certified Dubsado Specialist with the intention of anyone being able to use them and set up systems inside of Dubsado. So no need to worry about whether you're VA knows what to do in the platform. The Toolkits will give you both confidence!

  • Do I have to use Dubsado?

    You will get the most out of the toolkits if you use Dubsado. The one-click forms and templates provided are for Dubsado users. Even if you've tried Dubsado before and couldn't find your groove, these toolkits will drop the learning curve and have you using the platform to it's fullest capacity!

  • Do I need to know how to use workflows already?

    No, you do not need a full understanding of Dubsado workflows to use these toolkits. There is a large learning curve for workflows inside of Dubsado. These toolkits cut that learning curve in half. They walk you through exactly what you need to do before starting a workflow, and then exactly how to connect the pieces to create the workflow automations.