Course curriculum

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    1. Welcome to the Toolkit

    1. Setting your Dubsado up for success

    2. Creating your branding in Dubsado

    3. Connecting the essentials in Dubsado

    4. Video call integrations for Dubsado

    1. Introduction to the Framework

    1. The Flow & Fill

    2. Project Status

    3. Canned Emails

    4. Packages

    5. Forms - Intake Questionnaire

    6. Schedulers

    7. Forms - Contract

    8. Forms - Proposal

    9. Forms - Applcation

    10. Forms - Check-ins

    11. Forms - Exit Form

    12. Payment Plans

    13. Custom Content

    1. Understanding Workflows

    2. Creating Your Worklows

    3. Applying the workflow to your client

    1. Testing

    2. Have Sabrina test your workflow

About this course

  • $977.00
  • Email Templates
  • Form Templates
  • Workflow Instructions

What's Included

All of the necessary pieces to create a seamless, automated workflow

  • FORM TEMPLATES: Application (lead capture), Booking Packet, Intake Questionnaire, Check-In forms, Exit Form

  • EMAIL TEMPLATES: Call confirmation & reminder emails, Acceptance email, “Not a good fit” email, Invitation to book, Welcome email (onboarding), Check-in email, Testimonial request email, Off-boarding email suggestions, Celebration emails, Referral request

  • WORKFLOW - Step-by-step guide on which actions to assign based on the triggers available inside of Dubsado and links to tutorials for added support

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